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Luxury Full Chesterfield Sleigh Frame Bed

Luxury Full Chesterfield Sleigh Frame Bed

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Luxury Full Buttoned Bed - Chesterfield Sleigh Beds


Luxurious full Chesterfield sleigh frame bed. Traditional design with sturdy construction. Fully upholstered side rails, headboard and foot board.

Over 40 bespoke colour options for this sleigh bed

At Pay Weekly Beds UK our Chesterfield sleigh frame beds are made to the highest standards and the latest designs so they can be enjoyed for many years. Tall headboard with diamante or colour matching fabric buttons.

Storage Sleigh Beds

A divan style platform provides a robust alternative to the commonly used slats that our competitors utilise. This also provides a great seasonal storage facility. For daily storage a ottoman gas lift up option can be added.

Sleigh bed in choice of fabrics including crushed velvet, soft plush velvet, chenille, linen or traditional plain velvet.

Approx dimensions

  • 3ft single, 3'3" * 7'7"
  • 4ft small double, 4'3" * 7'7"
  • 4ft6 double, 4'9" * 7'7"
  • 5ft king size, 5'3" * 7'10"
  • 6ft super king, 6'3" * 7'10"

All chesterfield sleigh frame beds on Pay Weekly Beds UK are handcrafted to order in the UK, meeting or exceeding British fire safety regulations.

Delivery will be done in 14 to 28 working days (exclusions do apply see delivery page)

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Factors to Consider When Investing in a Luxury Bed

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Chesterfield Sleigh Bed on Pay Weekly

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