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FlexiNest Sofa Bed Set 3 + 2 + 1 seater

FlexiNest Sofa Bed Set 3 + 2 + 1 seater

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FlexiNest Sofa Bed Set 3+2+1 seater Seater Click Clak - Practical Seating

Introducing the "FlexiNest Sofa Bed Set" – a paragon of flexibility, modern elegance and practical seating, proudly presented by Pay Weekly Beds UK. Our mission to make luxurious furniture attainable for everyone is embodied in this versatile set, designed for discerning individuals who demand both style and functionality without compromising on affordability.

The FlexiNest Sofa Bed Set is a testament to innovative design, offering a smart solution for contemporary living. This ensemble features a convertible 3 seater sofa bed, accompanied by a 2 seater and a 1 seater sofa, all meticulously upholstered in a striking blue plush velvet. This vibrant choice of fabric not only introduces a bold pop of colour to your space but also ensures a soft, inviting texture that you and your guests will love.

Blue Plush Velvet Sofa Beds

Crafted for both beauty and resilience, the blue plush velvet is not just visually appealing but also durable and simple to maintain, guaranteeing that the FlexiNest remains a cherished addition to your home for years to come. The rich blue hue is versatile enough to complement various interior themes, from minimalist to eclectic, enhancing the ambiance of your living area.

At Pay Weekly Beds UK, we understand the importance of budget-friendly luxury. That's why the FlexiNest Sofa Bed Set is offered with flexible pay weekly options. This initiative is designed to break down financial barriers, allowing you to enjoy the elegance and comfort of the FlexiNest with manageable payments over time, without the stress of a lump sum cost.

Key Features:

  • Comprises a convertible 3 seater sofa bed, along with a 2 seater and a 1 seater sofa, for ultimate flexibility and space efficiency.
  • Upholstered in luxurious blue plush velvet, offering both supreme comfort and a splash of colour.
  • Constructed with durability in mind, featuring easy-care fabric to maintain its pristine condition.
  • Available with convenient pay weekly options, making high-end living accessible.

Pay Weekly Click Clak Sofa Bed Set Dimensions

3 Seater: W 228.5 X D 84 X H 91.5 cm
Sofa Bed: W 190.5 X D 114 cm
2 Seater: W 165 X D 84 X H 91.5 cm
Sofa Bed: W 129.5 X D 114 cm
1 Seater: W 89 X D 84 X H 91.5 cm
Sofa Bed: W 56 X D 114 cm

3 Seater click clak sofa bed in blue plush velvet can be purchased separately for £800 - Call to order on 0800 193 2337

The FlexiNest Sofa Bed Set redefines the concept of adaptable living, providing you with a stylish, practical solution that caters to both your seating and sleeping needs. Whether hosting, lounging, or accommodating overnight guests, this set promises versatility without compromise. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and practicality with Pay Weekly Beds UK, where sophisticated furniture meets affordability.

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