What are the bed sizes in the UK

Understanding UK Bed Sizes: Your Comprehensive Guide by Pay Weekly Beds UK

Introduction on UK bed sizes

In the vast world of furniture and bedding, understanding bed sizes can be a complex task. At Pay Weekly Beds UK, we aim to simplify this for you, guiding you through the most common bed sizes in the UK. Whether you're upgrading your bed, setting up a guest room, or looking for your child's first 'grown-up' bed, it's essential to get the size right.

Demystifying Bed Sizes

Bed sizes in the UK are standardised, which means every 'King Size' or 'Single' you look at will have the same dimensions. It is important to note that the 'Small double' or 'Super King Size' refers to the dimensions of the inner frame where the mattress would sit. Therefore all beds have various overall sizes, for example sleigh beds on Pay Weekly Beds UK take over 1ft more in length that the standard bed size. The most common sizes are:

3ft Single
4ft Small Double (Queen)
4ft6 Double
5ft King Size
6ft Super King Size
Let's delve deeper into what each of these bed sizes mean.

3ft Single Beds

3ft Single beds are versatile and perfect for children's rooms, guest rooms, and small bedrooms. They measure approximately 90cm in width and 190cm in length, offering plenty of space for a single sleeper. Their compact size ensures they don't occupy too much room, leaving ample space for other furniture.

4ft Small Double Beds (Some times called Queen Size)

The 4ft Small Double, also known as the Queen Size bed, provides a spacious sleeping area for single sleepers and a cosy space for couples. Measuring around 120cm by 190cm, they are a significant step up from the single, offering extra room without needing as much space as a full double. They are an excellent choice for guest rooms or smaller master bedrooms where space may be at a premium.

4ft6 Double Beds

The 4ft6 Double bed is a popular choice among couples. With dimensions of approximately 135cm by 190cm, it provides ample space for two sleepers. It's also spacious enough for a single sleeper who likes to stretch out. It's worth noting that the room it is placed in should ideally be at least 9ft x 9ft6 to allow enough space for other furniture and easy movement around the bed.

5ft King Size Beds

As the name suggests, the 5ft King Size bed is truly regal in size. Measuring around 150cm by 200cm, it offers an abundance of space for couples. It's an excellent option for those who prefer extra room while sleeping or have small children joining them in bed from time to time. Ensure your bedroom is at least 10ft x 10ft to comfortably accommodate a King Size bed and other bedroom furniture.

6ft Super King Size Beds

The 6ft Super King Size bed is the epitome of luxury. With generous dimensions of approximately 180cm by 200cm, it provides ample room for couples who love space, or for families with children who climb into bed on lazy weekend mornings. The Super King Size bed demands a room of size at least 12ft x 12ft to maintain a balanced aesthetic and functionality with some of our bed designs requiring much greater widths available.


Choosing the right bed size is crucial for a good night's sleep and effective use of space in your room. At Pay Weekly Beds UK, we offer a wide variety of beds in all the sizes mentioned above. A easy way to understand bed sizes is to think of the '3ft Single' or '5ft King Size' as the mattress size. The bed frame sizes will vary depending on design. If you are restricted on space then choose a divan bed as they take the least amount of additional space over the standard mattress sizes.

Remember, the comfort of your bed is as crucial as its size, and our extensive range ensures there is something for everyone.

Understanding bed sizes is the first step towards making an informed purchase. We hope this guide aids you in your journey towards finding the perfect bed. For more information or personalised advice, feel free to contact our team at Pay Weekly Beds UK. We're here to ensure your dreams are as sweet as your sleep!

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