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How it works?

Pay Weekly Beds UK (PWB) is a trading name of Furniture 4 All Limited, registered in the UK in March 2010 with company number 07208989

The founders of Pay Weekly Beds UK got together and decided that everyone deserves a good night's sleep without getting into debt.

So we have setup with partial.ly and are offering a weekly payment plan option to ensure 100% acceptance, no credit check, no debt, no fees or charges.

Buyer pays a £25 deposit for their whole order, followed by simple weekly payments as agreed on checkout. As standard payments are divided over 10 weeks however you can select between 4 to 20 weeks on sign up. On final payment your order is cleared to be collected or delivery can be arranged. Buyer can pay more at anytime if it suits their budget or needs.

Each bed is handmade to order so you can chose design, colour, size etc.

Once final payment has been made your order has cost you no more than buying cash outright!

All our beds and mattresses are #handmade in the #UK and carry a minimum of 1 years guarantee.

Come in store today and see the options!